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A quick cheat sheet to whom it may concern: one doesn’t need to go to a culinary school (all fingers point at moi), nor be a self-trained chef (all fingers, once again: ready, aim, fire!) to make eggs like one.

On weekends, Jason and I like to sit down at our ginormous dining table for a proper breakfast, without the usual running from the refrigerator to the bathroom sink, exchanging a banana for a toothbrush, while getting ready for another work day. Most of the time, we celebrate either Saturday or Sunday with a plate of ever fabulous SCRAMBLED EGGS. The trick is to keep it fresh and versatile for there’re many years ahead of us full of chicken balls on weekends.

True, there are special occasions, like Easter for example, when I like to dress my eggs up in lace and frills.

Some days, however, I’m too hungry to fuss about their shape and form, so I simply flap my scramble-ness with an attitude (of a squash, e.g.) straight onto a plate, like I’d shown you here.

The problem with egg holidays is that they don’t come often enough. So what does one do when in the mood for some EGGstravaganza in between Easter and Hanukkah? I say adopt a holiday and turn the mundane Veterans Day, or President Day, or Labor Day for that matter into Scrambleday…

… Agi thought and so she did…

“Pancetta Italiana rendered in a hot pan, whistling a rhythmic sizzle under its nose. In the small pool of the glorious fat fresh Sage Leaves skinny dipped till crispy and fried. Next, Eggs were cracked up laughing when joining the party, seasoned with dirty salt and pepper on the rocks, they mingled and small talked with the new-found friends for life. Right when the bartender announced the last call, Ripe Gorgonzola crumbled all over the dance floor and seamlessly merged with the crowd. Instantly after the lights went off. Valets brought the plates to the front door with the toasts running. One sober gentleman, Mr. Round Cutter, offered his hand to keep the gleeful elements in shape, thus bestowing grace upon them for the last time before they reach Nirvana.”

How’s that for a recipe?

Bon Appetite!

After a much needed and quite luxuriously uneventful weekend, I woke up to a Monday Writer’s Block. I don’t recall setting our Tivo to record that program.

In an effort to fulfill my promise to keep this blog fresh and sprouting with new ideas, I rewound the last 48 hours in my head looking for inspiration, and recited everything we DID NOT do:

– socialize

– play Bingo, Backgammon, Cranium, or Monopoly; not even Truth Or Dare

– go shark back riding

– stop global warming (instead we added to it with the multiple trips to local coffee shops)

– fly a monkey

– teach Cosmo to roll over, though he was so, so close

– get kidnapped by an Alien

– learn to speak Urdu, or Spanish (a tad more practical in Baja)

– buy a turkey, eat a turkey, nor visited Turkey

– make out with a dolphin

– solve a single math problem

– patch the four holes in our ceiling before the mice that I’m convinced live in the cracks of our building find out about the openings and decide to come visit

– climb Mount Everest, nor any other hill, not even a road hump.

None of that happened this past weekend.

Looking further for topics I could write about, I browsed through the thousands of photos we took over the last year and a half, to finally stop at the images of Jason’s nephews, Conor and Dylon, which I found highly inspiring… to procreate rather than to bluntly tap at a keyboard with two fingers.

It sounds like a whole lot of NOTHING. Let’s get one thing straight: an uneventful weekend does not mean a weekend free of events. (Wait, huh?) I did some squats around the coffee table during meal times in an attempt to tighten that rump. There was some folding and scrubbing going on as well as a whole lot of licking. Cosmo cleaned both of his front paws after a thorough and urgently needed bath (because what do the humans know about a good bath), while Jason licked his wounds after brutal couple of weeks at work.

One task I managed to complete was a Thanksgiving menu, and that was not a trivial accomplishment. I’m Polish, hence for me this holiday represents a day off, empty streets, and limited access to candy shops and movie theaters since everything closes early. Nonetheless, I wanted Jason to experience the same traditions he grew up with despite living away from his family – the turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy, with a spoonful of cranberry sauce on a side and a wedge of pumpkin pie.

Therefore, I’ll be cooking up a storm and making him a Thanksgiving meal that will take him back the memory lane: pork loin with honey-mustard sauce and wrapped in bacon, mashed rutabaga with cauliflower and caramelized onions, blanched green beans with roasted garlic, and chocolate and orange brownie pie. I’ll be sure to snap a photo of each and every dish, and report back to you with recipes and about five extra pounds hung around my hips. I wish they would settle in my boobs instead. Sigh.

In the meantime, let’s keep it light and healthy. I’ll be BAHK with a fresh salad idea before the Turkey Bell rings.



“Fireflies & French Fries: A Circus Extravaganza” was the theme for Chantel’s party on Friday night. There was food (of course) and we arrived with a bowl of whole-wheat Pasta with Sautéed Veggies.

That night, however, was NOT about the food. It was a night of raw talent blending with artful beauty of bodies dancing in the air, wrapped in silk, or set on a trapeze or a hula-hoop. The medley of aerial performances inaugurated the birth of Chantel’s ECCENTRIC TALENT MANAGEMENT.

I feel proud and privileged to witness how my friends grow and follow their dreams. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people, and such potential. It could be intimidating, but no, not any more. In their growth I find inspiration and motivation to pursue my own happiness, to reinvent myself and experience fulfillment. Thank you Chantel, Jason, Melissa (she likes that despite being called Missy all her life), Kristel, another Jason, and Veronica, and Heather, Leslie, Aveena, Ed The Man, Patrick, and the list goes on…. Thank you, for you have empowered me to chase my own dream..


These shots give very little justice to the level of skill and beauty ZIRCON & WISH presented at the party. It was close to midnight, wine filled our glasses, we emptied them, and the crowd was at AWE…


ANJELICA BONGVIONNI & ATLAS left us stunned when, right outside of the house, in the middle of the street, in the midst of the night, they were spinning their wheels.

Before we knew it, Saturday rolled in like a fog, and with it a headache and stomach rebellion. We decided to respect our bodies and let them rest. Thus a BBQ with Sasha by his pool, and a movie at the Hollywood Cemetery with Leslie had to be cancelled. We stayed home issuing 2 rain checks.

An alarm clock tore away the best of sleep first thing Sunday morning. I had a feast to prepare for a group of friends coming that evening to fulfill house-warming duties. While Jason was finding peace and inspiration at Agape during the day, I was lost in deep meditation chopping and prepping various elements for the supper. After more or less 5 hours, we had Basil Pesto sans cheese to go with whole-wheat organic Fettuccine, Chicken with Brown Rice and Vegetables, Spinach & Mushroom Strudel, Quinoa a’la Mexicana, and Blueberry Curd Cake to sum it all up. Minutes before the first guests arrived, Jason whipped out a kick-ass Guacamole, as wells as a Caribbean Shrimp Salsa with mango, papaya, pineapple, red jalapeno pepper, lime juice, cilantro and spices. We served both appetizers on a platter with blue corn chips. The meal was spectacular. We gathered around the table covered with this wholesome meal sprinkled with love, poured wine, again shared stories and laughs, and thus warmed the house.


Those moments I deeply cherish. We live our lives fast, especially in cities like Los Angeles. Friends become family, and yet we struggle to find 5 minutes to stop and spend quality time with those that matter to us. Let there be more gatherings and feasts around a table topped with homemade foods. Let us re-learn how to use our hands to create a nutritious meal for our own bodies. Let’s keep it in balance.


I’m running out of space today. However, since there’s a demand and curiosity, next time I’ll tell you all about quinoa, and how it came to be a staple in my kitchen.

Sayonara for now.

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