I’ve been making breads. Different kinds of breads. Rolls, too. Many of them very appetizing and pleasant to thy tongue’s touch.

Rosemary Rolls with Sweet Potato Soup

None of them as perfect as the FOCACCIA I made once as an apprentice in a restaurant. Tirelessly I keep working on my craft, nonetheless.

Last night’s bread-making efforts were concluded with this fragrant, slightly chewy to the bite, and yet fluffy like a cloud loaf of bread. For this guy, I mixed organic all-purpose, unbleached flour with organic spelt flour, and used fresh yeast versus the dry kind.

This perfectly round baker’s pride is cute as a baby’s butt, you must admit. And it’s a FAR cry from the whole-wheat sourdough disaster almost a year ago that I am embarrassingly responsible for. My only excuse is that this was my very first, virgin attempt, very inexperienced as the photo below clearly displays…

UGH! This does not even look like  a bread. It looks like a gross creature from a different dimension in a horror movie. Yup, I created that monster. Not one of my shiny culinary moments, that’s for sure. I am glad I’d taken that photo for today I am filled with pride for the progress I made.

At least you and I know there’s hope (back to the top photo). Do not give up if your bread making skills are still in developing stage. Practice is the key on the way to mastery.