It’s been a long day. Friday’s almost behind. More than half of the world in fact is already living another Saturday of their lives. Today, however, I’m celebrating. I’m raising a glass for Cosmo, who has just turned FOUR YEARS OLD.

Cosmo's Bday Cake

Also, to keep YOU busy and give YOU something to read in anticipation of my next cooking installment, I decided to share on the blog an email I got today from Jason’s dad, Dr. Jimmy Harkins. It’s FOOD RELATED. The email contains a recipe for baking a chicken in an oven, and certainly helps to determine when the bird is READY. I must clarify something first – Jason’s father is NOT the author of the text you’re about to read. It was sent to him via a link of friends who enjoyed it along.


Any questions?

This week has been filled with a series of unexpected events, which I’m going to tell you about briefly tomorrow along with MY IDEA OF COMFORT FOOD. When I treat myself as I did this week, each bite is culminated with a bright smile that wraps around my head like a rainbow after mid-Summer Rain. Cosmo has that after me…

Cosmo Eating The Cake