Words of wisdom from Dr. Jimmy Harkins:


They say that exercise is good for you,

But if your sweetie requests a horizontal honey-do,

How does an all American guy stay true,

When he’s got to choose between exercise and you.

One might sample the best of both,

Both are conducive to spiritual growth.

All work and no play the experts say,

Will get you down at the end of the day.

Exercise is said to produce endorphins,

And keeps the muscles continually metamorphin.

Sweat that’s glistening on writhing bodies,

Is bound to attract all those cute young hotties.

So pump that iron and wiggle your booty,

When you’re through maybe even grab a smoothie.

A walk, a run, or a lazy stroll,

All are food for a healthy soul.

Equal parts of work and play,

Mixed with kindness, compassion and loving each day,

Will lift our spirits and make us strong,

To handle the things in life that go wrong.

And don’t forget to work your mind,

A powerful tool to help us bind,

Body to spirit, which makes us whole,

And brings us closer to life’s final goal.

Daddy Yimmy