At 65, having retired circa 2 years prior, Dr. Jimmy Harkins quite spontaneously discovered in himself a brand new talent. It first manifested itself around the Christmas time, when he decided to express his love and appreciation for his life companion, his devoted wife Linda in a written form…

…I cried openly when Mrs. Jimmy Harkins, or for us simply Mama Linda, came over to Jimmy all in tears, with her arms reaching out and holding the card he’s given her: “This is soo so sweet! Boo-hoo hoo” she cried. Her husband, my Jason’s father, had written her a love poem.

Then came a birthday season in the family, giving Daddy Jimmy an ideal opportunity to further polish his new found skill. Dedicated poems received the following: 2 year old Dylon, 3 year old Conor, 11 year old Kippa, 16 year old Blake, 32 year old Agi, and 35 year old Jason. More or less in that order.

After that poetry marathon, Dr. Jimmy Harkins seemed unstoppable. Day and night he was versifying, whipping out rhymes, and shaping them into army of stanzas. Whether the weather, a holiday, or a pain in the butt – all those matters and then some bore a seed of inspiration for him.

Last night it was an article on this very blog that made wheels turn in his head. He sat, he thought, and words dropped down on a piece of paper. Ladies and Gentleman, I’m presenting you a new poem by Dr. Jimmy Harkins, followed by his own commentary.  ENJOY!

A New Beginning

Trinity Mother Frances Health and Fitness,

Come join us and be our witness,

To the change in peoples lives you see,

When exercise, fellowship, healthy diet, all three,

Become a part of a balanced life,

To partially eliminate the trials of life,

That we all experience in some form or measure.

I swear, done right, exercise will be a pleasure.

“You have to realize that there are 40 things that a woman would rather do than exercise, and 40 things that a man would rather do than exercise, but 39 of them are different things for the woman and all 39 of the other things for the man are all sex.  Unfortunately he ain’t getting it and if he did he wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Love, Dad

p.s.  I loved your article, you keep me in stitches.”

Daddy Yimmy