Kristel, a dear friend of mine and a gifted therapist who’s now completing her studies in psychology in San Francisco, called me over the weekend to express her appreciation for the blog – its energy, and its theme – for it advocates reconnecting our hands with our bodies. In the fast world that we live in, we choose everything “to go”. We don’t use our hands to make the food that would later nourish our own bodies. It’s truly a primal ritual that we’ve somehow lost rushing through our days.

 With her brilliant observation, Kristel has helped me realize that cooking had become a therapeutic practice for me. I use my own hands to create a nutritious meal that feeds my body so it stays strong and healthy.

 It turns out that subconsciously, without fully understanding its meaning, this passion for chopping vegetables, my little habit of cooking, has been a crucial element in finding a balance in life. Isn’t that beautiful?

yellow flowers

 Last Thursday I left you with the recipe for a decadent Blueberry Curd Cake hoping you could use it’s magic for your weekend mischief. Here’s another delicious and berry healthy treat you can enjoy in just 5 minutes – my Blueberry Smoothie. Beside its heavenly flavor, the smoothie possesses supernatural powers as well – it gets Jason out of bed in 5 (five) minutes in the morning, whereas in other circumstances 30 minutes to an hour is required to accomplish the task.

 I shall try to describe the procedure in great detail to compensate for the lack of specific measurements. I’ve perfected the recipe over the years by eyeballing and dumping different ingredients into a blender. However, since I started using one of Jason’s toys – the Magic Bullet – the size of the container forced me into some discipline.

Grab a pen and add to your grocery- shopping list the following:

–       frozen blueberries

–       frozen black cherries

–       a banana

–       flaxseed meal

–       flaxseed oil

–       almond milk (unsweetened)

 To fill a 12 oz glass with the smoothie, pour straight into your blender about a cup of almond milk, add one banana broken in chunks, approximately 1/2 a cup of frozen blueberries, and 1/2 a cup of frozen black cherries, 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal (for texture), and last but not least – 2 tbsp of flaxseed oil (for the texture sensation!). Blend well. ENJOY!

 Before I leave you one on one with your blenders, a side note about the flaxseed oil and flaxseed meal – both are highly perishable, hence I store the first one in a refrigerator, and the latter in a freezer.


Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah

 And if you still don’t have enough reasons to include my Blueberry Smoothie in your regular menu, here’s one last drop that will take you over the edge: Jason doesn’t do big breakfasts; his system simply takes time to fully awaken. Therefore, he used to stop by one of the smoothie places every morning on the way to work to grab the large size cup filled with fruit, sugary juices, yogurt, and heavy protein powder. It was a costly routine of $5 a pop every day. You do the math. Then one day, I treated him to my sweet little masterpiece.  It was love at first sight!

Now that $5 a day contributes to our travel fund. Aha!


 The Blueberry Smoothie is a breakfast thrill. It’s a mid-day snack when you need an extra kick of enthusiasm. It’s a desert that will melt in your mouth and run a chill of excitement through your whole body. It’s SO good you’ll scream!

 I must return to the kitchen now, as I’m cooking for 20 odd good souls coming over tonight. On the menu, among others: brown rice with chicken and vegetables, spinach & mushroom strudel, quinoa salad, baby shrimp salsa, whole wheat spaghetti with home made pesto. For desert we’re serving watermelon cubes sprinkled with lime juice, green apple wedges with almond butter, and one and only Blueberry Curd Cake. I can’t wait.

I’ll be sure to share some of the recipes with you over the next few days.